Semiconductor Training For Wafer Fab Operators
Semiconductor TrainingFor Wafer Fab Operators

At Educational Designs we are dedicated to helping semiconductor companies optimize their biggest asset -- their human resources. 


We work with wafer fabs to reduce cycle time, decrease scrap, and increase throughput by improving operator performance. For more than twenty years we have helped manufacturing organizations standardize operating procedures across shifts, identify performance gaps, and reduce the learning curve for new hires.

About Educational Designs

Our Semiconductor Industry Series provides nontechnical employees with a basic understanding of semiconductor products and the processes used to make them. This enables companies to ensure that ALL employees understand the business they are in, and, as a result, employees are better equipped to help their organization meet its specific business objectives.


Our Train-the-Trainer Workshop for Wafer Fab Operators provides experienced operators with the skills and practice to facilitate effective on-the-job training (OJT) in the fab, usig examples, graphics and exercises that are semiconductor industry-specific.


Our station-specific Structured Wafer Fab OJT provides a means of training and certifying operators to work at a given station, incorporating organization- and industry-wide best practices and teaching the BEST way to do the job (as defined by a cross-functional team of your key personnel).


Our programs help people learn in a fun, nonthreatening environment, using vocabulary, cartoons, and everyday analogies that nontechnical employees can relate to easily.

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