Semiconductor Training For Wafer Fab Operators
Semiconductor TrainingFor Wafer Fab Operators

Semiconductor Industry Series

The SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY SERIES provides nontechnical people with a basic overall understanding of the semiconductor industry. It is intended to introduce industry- related terminology, concepts, and issues in a nonthreatening manner. It is a 3-level program consisting of:

LEVEL 1 — The Semiconductor Industry: An Overview— This course introduces the three facets of the semiconductor industry by presenting information about the technology, the business, and the manufacture of integrated circuits. It is designed for manufacturing personnel as well as nonmanufacturing employees (such as those in professional staff positions) who want to expand their understanding of what their organization is in business to do.


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LEVEL 2 — Manufacturing Process Profiles —This course highlights and identifies the major process concerns of several key manufacturing processes. It is intended for operators, supervisors, and employees of suppliers who wish to focus a little more on the individual operations in the manufacturing process.

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LEVEL 3 — Process Basics Programs —These five courses go into even greater detail about Implant; Dry Etch; Photolithography; Oxidation, Deposition and Metallization; and Diffusion Processes. Each course explains how the operation fits into the "big picture" of IC manufacturing and covers the purpose of the operation, key equipment used, "a day in the life of an operator" in that area, and area-specific process concerns.


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